September 16th, 2015 at 2:10am

It’s about time that school starts and you need some new outfits. The pressure from class could be released by the excitement of shopping. For this Fashionista, she chose to combine urban and bohemian styles to create a new school look.

Bohemian doesn’t always have to be colorful. Black and white kimonos with this tree and flower pattern states the style first. The tie-dyed detail gives the kimono an ethnic touch. Take a closer look at her top; the purple and blue net shape pattern adds a sense of mysteriousness to the outfit. Earthy colored jogger pants claims her casual personality. The cool color tone outfits actually bring out her darker skin better. A final touch could be black and she chose a pair of black sandals. They are clean and neat with a two stripe design with no need for other decorations.

For accessories she decides to have more culture elements. The silver necklace is in the shape of Africa. The shorter necklace is handmade from dark brown and silver beads. To not take the focus away from her clothes, she chose a pair of low-key round earrings. Light purple eye shadow matches with the top. The bohemian doesn’t always need floral prints or tassel. To create your own boho-chic look, just remember to not follow the mainstream and add on a personal touch. As a city girl, our Fashionista likes to create non-mainstream looks. To make this bohemian her own urban style she put much effort into styling and accessorizing.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “To create your own boho-chic, just remember to not follow the mainstream and add on a personal touch.”