STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: You Want Me to Wear What Color?

Each season, a new color is presented. Usually it is nothing new—just a color that has become the “it” trend for the season. However, this season has started, and a new color is walking straight from the runway right into every Fashionista’s closet.

If someone ever told you, even a year ago, that the next big color would be mustard yellow, it would be hard to believe. It is something about the subdued look that makes it so trendy. This color is trending because of its ability to make a statement. It is not neon or covered in pattern. Yet, there is something new and refreshing about it. It is able to make a statement without seeming like it is trying to hard to be unique.

I think the title of the color sometimes scares people more then the color itself. Making people afraid of wearing the color wrong. This Fashionista demonstrates how easy wearing mustard yellow can be.

This Fashionista takes the trend in stride by layering a knit mustard yellow sweater with a button-up. She wears a white button-down shirt perfectly by having the collar poke out at the top and by rolling the sleeves. She then pairs it with a seemingly simple skinny jean, which actually has black piping down the side. Adding a modern texture to her look. She completes the look with black flats and a small gray clutch from Marc by Marc Jacobs (a go-to grab when running out the door for quick trips!).

All in all, I think she has made an excellent breakthrough in this mustard yellow trend and has inspired me to try it out. I can’t wait to buy this color for my closet!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Go for it! The best way to try a new trend it to just go for it. Do not be afraid to try new colors. Get more creative and incorporate the color into your next look, trust me you will not regret it.”