Well, if you haven’t noticed because the weather never changes here, it’s fall! That means the weather is supposed to be cooler, our light sweaters should be in use, and we should be wearing olives, browns and burnt oranges. Unfortunately for all my Florida residents, it’s still ‘summer’ and as hot and rainy as ever. I find it quite difficult to dress appropriately. I debate on whether I can make it through the day in jeans without getting a heat stroke or wear shorts without getting frostbite. However, I found this Fashionista around campus doing things right.

This Fashionista is wearing a loose-fitting, short sleeve button-down, distressed jeans, Birkenstocks and cute shades. Now she’s got all the right pieces to look cute for both class and the weather. I love how her top is so loose-fitting but doesn’t take away from her body shape in general. It is sometimes difficult to wear oversized/loose shirts that don’t overpower your body or your outfit in general. With a shirt like this, I recommend going thirfting to find something similar. There are a lot of gems at your local Goodwill that many people overlook. These jeans are just perfect though. They fit so will and complement the looseness of her shirt. I’m a sucker for distressed blue jeans; I would have to say that Zara may have one of the best selections for jeans in general. Check this pair out! I own a couple of jeans from Zara and can attest to the dreamy fit.

I must say that Birkenstocks have risen to such high popularity within the last couple of months. I can’t complain because they are a godsend when it comes to my shoe collection, which isn’t very extensive. This Fashionista paired them with this outfit and it emphasizes the casual look that she was going for. Birkenstocks are comfortable and surprisingly stylish when they need to be. You can grab a pair from With this outfit, you can accessorize as much or as little as you want. She chose to keep it pretty simple wearing only a watch and sunglasses. I like it simple as well. I’d get these Ray-Bans from Topshop to complete this outfit.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I say just throw Birks and a pair of shades with any outfit and you’re good to go.”