STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Winter Workoutland

Ah March, what a month. We have passed all the sparkly holidays and the mood has turned dreary as we anticipate the arrival of spring. Beat the winter blues by getting those endorphins flowing; it might not be a magical fix, but trust me, it will help. The key is to pick workout wear that will look chic running errands post-endorphin high.

One thing that gets me excited about my workouts, and generally any other activity, are clothes. There is nothing motivating about faded elastic pants and that old, graphic T-shirt from high school. All of us Fashionistas love making fashion statements on the street, so why not try it out on the trail or at the gym? This Fashionista is perfectly exhibiting the latest and most stylish winter workout trends. The styles are simple and practical, the colors are vibrant and the technology is up-to-date.

Vibrant, colorful and printed workout leggings are a fashion blogger and celebrity favorite. To tone this look down pick a pair in a neutral tone with a light print like this Fashionista. This keeps the pants versatile while still making a statement. One of the best items for working out in the cold months is this vest, made by Nike. It is super lightweight, but has the best technology to keep you as warm as any bulky coat or vest.

I want to point out the amazing accessories this Fashionista is rocking here. Not only does she have fun and colorful shoes that are stylish, but that also offer great traction. Focusing on style is always a priority, but make sure to think practically, as well. Running on slippery roads can be dangerous and the traction will keep you safe. Have you heard of the Fitbit? Wearable fitness gadgets are all the rage today and really motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I love to workout, but it always gets tough to stay motivated in the winter. Adding a few new, fun pieces to my workout wardrobe this winter keeps me motivated. Trying to get my Fitbit steps in doesn’t hurt, either!”