This is the fourth snow day that has occurred here at SUNY New Paltz since the semester has started. And as much as I love not having to wake up to go to my 9:30 a.m. class, it’s making it impossible for me to get into a routine. It’s very important that you dress appropriately when you do have to make a trek around campus. I know that it can be difficult to dress for the winter weather. In fact, some of my friends tell me all the time that I don’t know “how to winter.” I guess I should be taking some styling tips from this week’s Fashionisto, who looks warm and stylish.

As most people tend to stay away from color in the colder months, what caught my attention was the blue in his The North Face jacket. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s just enough to make one stand out. He looks prepared and ready to battle the elements. I love that his camo pants aren’t your traditional army green. The gray makes them more versatile. Unless you’re trying to wear a classic outfit of army pants and flip flops, I say gray is a better choice.

This Fashionisto’s UGG boots look cozy and sturdy enough to keep the snow out, something that you definitely need in upstate New York. The faux fur trim reminds me of a popular song that came out seven years ago. Lastly, I love that this Fashionisto wore his scarf in an interesting way. Tucked inside his jacket, the different pattern makes the outfit even better. After seeing so many infinity scarves, although you know how much I love them, this was a refreshing take to see around campus.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress warm, comfy and tactical according to the weather.”