STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Why You So Distressed With Me?

As Mariah Carey once inquired, we must ask ourselves the same when it comes to our clothing. In current fashion the three D’s: distressed, destroyed and deconstructed are the IT trend. Everyone’s indulging on the movement from curvaceous celebs in their skinnies to the neighbor boy with the skateboard attached at the hip. Matter of fact, we love this trend so much we wouldn’t be afraid to tell mom, YES, I did pay full price for these jeans. So what makes this Fashionisto have distressed down so well? He nailed it by pairing his destroyed denim with a deconstructed tank top and cleans up the mess with a polished finish through the use of layering and accessories. So yes Mariah, what’s not to be obsessed about?

The first component of his look starts with the jorts (jean shorts) that feature a light wash with areas of white along with whisker fades found on the leg and inner thigh. I liked this particular style because the distressing isn’t your typical gaping hole, rather an abrasion to the surface of the denim. He chose a lightweight long ivory tank top that had various small slitlike holes strewn about, and wrapped a blue and off-white patterned button-down around his waist that complemented the subdued color and added an element to his fit. He added to the unconformity with loosely laced Polo Ralph Lauren boots with a pair of brown socks that were barley peeking out. Finally, he accessorized with a monogrammed wood bracelet and a masculine watch with a sleek gold face and leather band to freshen up his look.

Summer is the hardest season to dress for because it doesn’t allow for layers and fun additives like scarves or jackets (unless you’re fond of sweating). It’s what I call a “me my shorts and I season.” But let me tell you now, males have it MUCH worse than the ladies. If they’re intending to dress within the summer season, they’re pretty limited to shorts, T-shirt and tank tops. That’s why this fit by this Fashionisto is so successful in that it proves there are inventive ways to get creative with your limitations. He incorporated layers without actually wearing them, turned a winter boot into a summer statement and took the stress out of distressed.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear your cool, meaning choose what works for YOU. For me, I don’t look to trends or what other people are wearing to dress. When I choose what to wear it’s reflected off of my mood or what’s happening in my life at that given moment. I like what I like and if it fits within a current trend than more power to it.”