STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Who Said Skin Was Risque?

I loved how this Fashionista kept the personality of her outfit low-key. She had a simple look which still spoke volume. Considering how great the weather has been at East Carolina University, her lightweight ensemble could be worn day to night. Simplicity can go a long way and she has definitely proven that.

Her natural look and up-do complemented the look immensely not taking away from her staple piece, and I loved how she wore few to no accessories as well. Only baring an earring and two rings the Fashionista kept a naked neck and wrist. The little things matter because each accessory regardless of how small it is flowed perfectly with the outfit. Altogether this strategy seemed to work well because all the attention is still focused on her blouse. This staple piece is the center of her outfit, and was initially what caught my attention. I loved the distressed shoulders look and low collar. The blouse helped turned an average outfit into one in which is appealing, cute and sassy all at the same time.

She also wore a pair of khaki pants. What most people don’t know about khaki pants or shorts is compared to jeans they can help make an effortless look seem dressier. This Fashionista also wore a pair of sandals which helped finish the simple outfit off all while staying consistent with her blouse. I loved the detail and braided heel. I think that was a great finish to her simple look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s refreshing to keep it simple every once in a while. With simple add ons and the appropriate staple piece you can have the perfect easy, breezy spring fit.