STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: When Temperatures Start Falling

Summer has come to an end and back to school season is in full swing. This time of year can be tricky to dress for because it’s not really summer anymore but it’s not quite fall yet either. Chilly mornings are accompanied by warm afternoons and you can’t be sure whether to go for a sweater or a sundress. This week’s Fashionista has found the solution by combining the two. By throwing on a cozy knit tribal cardigan over her dress, this Fashionista sports the best of both worlds in a look that’s perfect for going back to school.

It’s no secret that the key to dressing for this time of year is layering, however, the pieces which you choose to layer are the most important part. Mixing different seasonal pieces can create a beautiful contrast, but you still want them to be cohesive. This Fashionista chose a simple gray skater dress, perfect for any time of year. She layers a quarter sleeve knit tribal cardigan over the top of the dress, which is ideal for in-between weather. This style of cardigan will keep you warm in the early mornings and air conditioned lecture halls, but is still light enough to keep you comfortable when it warms up throughout the day.

This Fashionista is accessorizing with some delicate silver jewelry and is finishing her look off with a pair of brown lace-up booties. Booties are a great choice of footwear for transitioning into cooler temperatures because they will keep your toes warm while still working with summer pieces.

Follow this Fashionista’s example and repurpose your summer pieces by adding fall touches like a knitted cardigan and a pair of booties. It’s all about balance when it comes to layering, this way you’ll be comfortable, confident and ready to take on the school year in style.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice of the week is always the cheesy go-to of wearing what makes you feel comfortable and confident. When you’re not worried about stumbling in heels or if people are giving you weird glances you will focus on enjoying whatever you’re doing in the moment. After all your smile will be the most memorable thing you can wear.”