STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: When Summer Meets Fall

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: When Summer Meets Fall

September is every students’ back-to-school month, it is also the month when summer meets fall. The in-between time when the two seasons intertwined bring us the best of both worlds, whether we are embracing the warm sunshine or the cool wind breeze, they are both here.

Spotted these two Fashionistas near the school residence, these Fashionistas have a completely different style from the other as their outfits totally speak the shifting transition of fashion for the seasons of summer and fall, but both pull off the goal they are going for—comfy, laid-back and cutesy. Double the trend, twice the fun!

The first Fashionista’s outfit has a neutral and cooler tone to embrace the last few days of summer on campus. Her end-of-summer look features a striped T-shirt dress from Urban Planet and a bomber jacket, she finishes her look with a pair of white and silver Adidas Superstar sneakers. This comfy, laid-back look totally embraces the last few days of summer on campus, the T-Shirt dress is comfortable and feminine while the pair of sneakers gives an edgy and chic vibe to balance the whole outfit. She accessorizes her look with a choker, a statement snapback, and a leather quilted backpack from Aldo, totally trendy and chic.

The second Fashionista went for a more earthy warm hue to embrace the coming of fall by wearing a beige knitted sweater from Garage and a patterned skirt from Forever 21.The slimmer fit of the skirt gave it a preppy look which complements the looseness of the sweater. She tops it off with a pair of vintage large round glasses, a grey backpack from Hershell and a pair of converses, simply cute and classic.

Everyone knows that marble is 2016’s hottest new trend, both of these stylish Fashionistas got their marble phone cases from Velvet Caviar to rock a fresh school year. The first Fashionista had a blue marble iPhone case to match her cool color look while the second Fashionista had a Grey and Gold Marble iPhone case to match her fall outfit. These fancy and timeless marble prints are so versatile that they can be easily matched with almost any outfit, and these phone cases come with a full 360 degree bumper protection suitable for students getting their errands done, no doubt these marble phone cases are definitely must-haves for this year’s back-to-school!

“Outfits that are comfy, laid-back and cutesy are always my go-to outfits for school. Comfy attire can make it super easy to run around from class to class on long school days. Matching sneakers with dresses and skirts is also a way to give feminine outfits an edgier and chic vibe.”