STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: What to Wear in the “Weird” Weather

It’s finally “winter” here in Georgia and I say that very lightly. Winter is a loose term because it is currently 72 degrees today…crazy right?! So as you can imagine, it’s pretty hard to try and find something to wear when it is chilly in the morning, yet it warms up once noon hits.

One of my favorite outfits during this weather is jeans with a good flannel. My lovely Fashionista rocked this outfit and truly made it look better than most people can (yeah, she’s pretty great). This cozy flannel is super cute paired with simple skinny jeans, but I love to pair mine with wide-legged bell-bottoms as well. Another great look to spice it up could be to wear the flannel unbuttoned but throw on a graphic T-shirt underneath. Band T-shirts are back in style, in full force might I add, and they would match perfect with an outfit like this!

What else do I love about this outfit? One word, seven letters, BOOTIES. Booties are all the rage this season and I’m lovin’ it. This Fashionista rocked this pair of gray booties that have a slight heel, so you can dress them up or down—how great is that? I’m a shoe gal so I love to be able to pair my favorite shoes with some of my favorite outfits.

Staying cozy when necessary and a little bit cooler when the weather heats up is important, especially when you are a fashion guru like I am. I love the weather down South, but I just might love the fashion a tad bit more.