STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Well Dressed & Denim Distressed

Denim never really goes out of style, it just changes with the times. Ever since Levi popularized the wardrobe staple, it has gone through many transitions season after season. Shifting away from the skin-tight, painted-on look of the jegging, the boyfriend jean is almost completely opposite yet equally fashionable.

The boyfriend jean was named for the fact that it looks as if you’ve slipped on your boyfriend’s denims. They’re loose fitting and longer in length, and oftentimes they are styled with a cuff at the bottom. Focusing in on a second trend, the distressed, lived-in look of ripped jeans has remained popular. The combination of a baggy and ripped jean amps up the statement and also allows for more breezy outfit.

Our Fashionista has decided to balance the looser lower half by pairing the jeans with a tight crop top. She incorporated her own DIY ripped jeans to bring some air to this warm fall ensemble. The two pieces offset one another, creating an effortlessly balanced look that was thrown on with minimal effort. While the term baggy or loose fit would seem to imply a casual look, these pants can be dressed up or down with minimal adjustments. Instead of going for a casual look like our Fashionista, you could swap the sandals for nude pumps and the top for a blouse and blazer.

With its flexibility as a wardrobe staple, boyfriend jeans have become popular. Women are beginning to understand that shimmying your way into a second skin of a denim-spandex blend is not worth the work or limited mobility.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think boyfriend jeans are perfect item because they are a flexible day-to-night fashion item that can work in pretty much any situation while being comfortable.”