September 26th, 2016 at 2:00am

Honey, I’m home! What’s not to love about the classic pin-up look? It’s fun, flirty and super versatile. Whether you’re going to class, out to lunch with friends or even a date, this look can take you throughout your whole day. You can dress it down with a pair of sandals or ballet flats, or keep it dressy casual like it’s shown here with some chunky wedges.

I styled one of my best friends in a white button-up, light wash skinny jeans and tan zip-up wedges. White button-ups are a must-have in every closet. To go more for a casual look, we tied up the end of the shirt, which is perfect for everyday use. If you wanted to go for more of a professional look, you can button the shirt all the way down and tuck it into pants or a skirt. Another one of my wardrobe must-haves is a wedge sandal. Most times, we think of heels as being an uncomfortable choice that we have to put up with for the sake of fashion. However, wedges are a comfy alternative that gives you the casual/classy look without all of the unnecessary pain.

I topped off this look is a pair of dark brown sunglasses and a rose gold charm bracelet. Especially during summer, sunglasses are the perfect accessories to add a bit of flare to every outfit. They are paired perfectly with the white button-up adding to the ’50s vibe of the look. The charm bracelet is an elegant touch that draws attention to the wrist. The bling and cursive “love” bring out the femininity of the outfit while still looking strong and distinguished. Pro tip: less is always more when it comes to accessories. The more you have on, the more crowded the outfit becomes, causing attention to draw away from the outfit as a whole. Pick only a couple additions before you leave, and you’ll be set for the rest of your day.

Don’t be afraid to branch out and gain inspiration from different fashion eras. As they say, history repeats itself, and the same goes for fashion. There is a constant cycle of different fads that come back years later. It can be easy to stick with the norm of what everyone else is wearing, but if you take that little leap, it can open up loads of opportunities to show off your unique style!