May 19th, 2015 at 2:10am

Apparently, rules on wearing white before and after certain days were created by and for the snooty elite around the 19th century. The rules were established to ensure that affluent members of society stayed cool during the summer months while being distinguishable from the working class, who usually wore darker neutrals. Fortunately, today’s fashions are open to all, so wear white without regard to the time of year. This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for celebrating the end of the semester and the start of break.

A crisp white garment is an optimal piece for summer wardrobes because of its versatility. While some interpretations of style may not have a place for such a piece, a classic white shirt or shift dress is generally a great basic. This Fashionista’s tunic dress features pretty embroidery, adding some extra dimension to the look.

Her white dress serves as great foundation upon which she builds with mostly metallic accessories. In addition to wearing simple jewelry with gold and silver accents, this Fashionista sports classic flats in a soft golden hue to round off her outfit.

Like this week’s Fashionista, forget those silly rules and wear white whenever it feels right. Since the color is so easy to work with, the possibilities are endless! Channel this Fashionista and go down the more subtle route with mostly dainty accessories or go bolder by playing with punchy patterns as a pairing to your white item. When in doubt, denim is always a safe option; just half tuck an oversized white shirt into a pair of jeans, slip into footwear of choice and add a statement belt as a finishing touch. No matter how it is worn, a basic white piece can do little wrong.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The right accessories can turn a simple outfit into a ‘wow’ outfit.”