Every girl to ever live has owned skirts and many of them. But just what makes skirts remain looking so stylish and cool throughout the years? The thing that keeps women coming back to the idea of the skirt is that it’s classy and simple. Don’t know what to wear? A skirt makes any outfit look better just because it is a classic wardrobe staple. It seems flashy and put together, but in reality, it’s just one article of clothing. The single piece that can pull together any ensemble is a skirt. What specifically makes maxi skirts so fashionable is the fact that it looks like a floor length dress, but can also be dressed down depending on what top is paired with it.This Fashionista decided to dress her skirt up with some Steve Madden kitten heels and a matching Kate Spade purse.

Maxi skirts are super trendy, especially in the summer months not only because they are versatile, but are very comfortable and also super adorable! Something special about this Fashionista’s maxi skirt is that it has a super feminine silhouette that is tight at the top with some detailing and buttons then loose at the bottom with a super feminine and fashion forward slit down the middle.

Not only is this Fashionista very trendy with the length of her skirt, but her choice of pattern is also key. Bright, big floral patterns are very popular this season. The texture of her maxi skirt is also on trend, a flexible fabric, but not too soft that it wrinkles. This fabric breathes easy for the hot summer months and also looks great on!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The thing that I love about maxi skirts is that they can be dressed up like I am wearing here with these kitten heels or dressed down with sandals for a more casual look. I could wear this skirt out to dinner or to the beach all depending on what shirt and what shoes I match it with.”