STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: We Never Go Out of Style

June 22nd, 2016 at 2:10am

A crisp button-down has been around seemingly forever. A 1920s man never left his house without it. In the mid-1900’s, it was adapted for women. An oversized button-down was a must have in the ’80s; it’s surely become a classic.

Something so simple should be so easy to wear, but the button-down shirt has always scared me. I have flashbacks to middle school chorus. Just imagine: a stiffly collared shirt with a hideous vest that’s two sizes too big. I could never go back to collars.

However, a collared shirt isn’t always uncomfortable. It isn’t just for formal events and job interviews. Throw on some jeans or layer it with a tank top and it’s already more than a button-down.

Look at designers’ interpretations of the button-down! It’s far from boring. Many designers are making the “new shirt.” Seersucker, a collar and some buttons don’t always have to look so traditional. A button-down can have its buttons on the back, have an open back or have one shoulder.

This Fashionista shows exactly how to wear a button-down without being boring. She wears it with a twist. Her shirt buttons on the back—the complete opposite of a button-up. It has a trompe d’oeil with layers. The two colors of the shirt and the cuffs and collar make it look like there’s two layers to her shirt. But it stays simple just like the button-up was to start. She pairs her button-up with a simple, colored pant and some fun leopard print shoes to allow the shirt to remain the focus of her outfit. With her tote bag on her arm, she’s ready to go anywhere.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “A white button down is a classic, you can’t go wrong with one! If you’re looking to change it up a bit, try to find one with a subtle print or a fun element. You’re still getting the look of a crisp white button-down, with a little added fun!”