Speaking as a business student, the one thing I used to dread was business professional clothing. I had viewed it to be a bit dry; the colors are very neutral, and adding pops of color and bold jewelry are not always appropriate in a professional setting. Yet, every time I go to career fairs or networking sessions, I find myself admiring how employers are able to incorporate different pieces into their work outfits in order to look professionally stylish and unique. They dress so lively compared to the seas of students wearing identical black suits. I started to wonder, “How can I spice up my business wardrobe?” I browsed online and visited stores like Loft, the Limited and Banana Republic and I found a variety of cute work-appropriate blouses and flats. Then I thought, “Why can’t I incorporate my business wardrobe into my daily looks?”

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for business casual days. Her sharp navy blazer matches her jeans and her lavender blouse complements the cool tones underlying her look. Blazers are essentials, not just for business dress. When paired with dresses and skirts, they allow outfits to look less casual. They are sleek and give off that effortlessly cool vibe you see in New York City street fashion. The Fashionista’s look also borderlines preppy. Check out the gold button details on her sleeve and on her suede riding boots. Doesn’t she look like a Ralph Lauren model? Sticking with the casual work vibe, the Fashionista wears minimal makeup: shimmery gold eye shadow and mascara to highlight her eyes and a rose pink hue to add some color to her lips.

Including some of my business dress into my daily outfits has been a fun experiment. I like trying on new combinations of clothing, and it gives me some insight to what it’ll be like when I am actually working! To you Fashionistas/os currently going through the internship application process—good luck! You’ll do great.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress to impress.”