Fashion trends from the ’90s are resurfacing and finding their way into our wardrobes. From chokers to overalls, and high-waisted denim to crop tops, ’90s-inspired outfits can be found all over. My favorite trend from the ’90s that is currently resurfacing is definitely velvet. Velvet has been all over the runway for the past couple of years, and now we know this trend is here to stay.

I spotted this Fashionista and couldn’t help but fall in love with her black velvet circle skirt. I adored the style and the way the luxurious fabric fell. She juxtaposed the velvet with a casual gray short sleeve shirt and a cozy knit infinity scarf, creating a look that was dressy but not over the top. Her black tights and black short boots polished off the outfit, while her pink lip created a nice pop of color. She adds a black and white bag to finish off this elegant but fun look. This outfit is a perfect example of incorporating a ’90s trend while staying classy and chic.

Velvet is actually very simple to incorporate into your own wardrobe, and the velvety possibilities are endless. Like this Fashionista, you could go for a velvet skirt, or you could go for a nice velvet shirt or even a velvet dress. Velvet skinny jeans are a popular choice and are more flexible than a dress. While this Fashionista looks sophisticated in black, jewel tones in this fabric are also a good option. Velvet accessories such as shoes and purses are a great and simple way to incorporate velvet into your outfit as well.

Overall, this Fashionista definitely shows she knows how to incorporate a ’90s trend into an outfit while looking fun, sophisticated and elegant.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Something as simple as adding a textured item to your outfit can add a unique look to a simple outfit.”