November 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Although fashion is something that is constantly changing and evolving with new trends, inspiration can also always be found from the past as well! Earlier styles have carried over throughout the years and I especially love when old trends are mixed with new. This approach can be translated into any season, but we’ll take a look at how this can be done specifically for fall.

This beautiful Fashionista clearly has taken cues from earlier decades such as the ’60s and ’70s. To start off the outfit, I particularly loved her off-the-shoulder knit top! The golden shade of yellow only adds to the vintage feel of the look. Additionally, the varied stripes along the neckline and bodice remind me of a chic, old-fashioned varsity sweater that would be worn to a fall football game, which fits the theme perfectly.

Next, this fashionista is clearly not afraid to take risks with her high-waisted flare jeans. These jeans are an iconic piece in any ’70s-inspired ensemble! Straying away from the classic skinny jean or straight leg pant, these flares add an extra emphasis on the silhouette. Not only are flare jeans a statement but they also make anyone appear taller which is always a plus. These jeans would have easily been seen at a music festival such as Woodstock in 1969, and they prove to still be fashionable today!

Last are the equally important accessories to complete the look. The forest green, felt-brimmed hat is a perfect example of how to make an outfit modern, while incorporating vintage touches. The entire color family of all of the pieces are perfectly cohesive and do not clash without being too matchy. Throw on those classic Chelsea boots for a little bit of added height—not to mention they go great with flares. Add some of your favorite jewelry to add some sparkle for an even furthered vintage feel, and you’re ready to dress to impress!