I absolutely love any vintage clothing shop I walk into. There’s something about the older tailoring and styles that I love, and I believe that anyone can pull them off. We see so many style icons today portraying vintage fashion such as Zooey Deschanel, Scarlett Johansson, Adele and Taylor Swift. Vintage is so unique because the garments show you a piece of time when certain trends were popular, and they are brought back in today’s time by adding a twist to what was once created. So many different vintage or vintage-inspired pieces have a story behind them that is brought back to life with another person puts them on.

Fall is the perfect time to look for vintage clothing and is usually when I find some of my best pieces and styles. There are multiple fun and flirty dresses that are just right for the colder weather, which is great because they are almost a necessity in Kentucky when you go watch the horse races. I think at least one is always needed for anyone’s closet!

This Fashionista wears this multi-printed, long sleeve, vintage-inspired dress that has a cute necktie to add detail. She pairs it with a leather saddlebag and ankle booties but tops it all off with her cute bob cut and a plum lipstick. Make it your own with your choice of jewelry, sunglasses or even a mink fur vest. Even though this dress is a standout piece, it can be made personal by adding your favorite accessories. The best style advice is to take any piece you have and style it to fit your preference.

Be you, be unique!