STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Vans Are A Girl's Best Friend

This year, the Vans SK8-HI shoes have become quite identifiable amongst women all throughout New York City. This trend kick-started two summers ago when the lace-up high-top shoes were sported with almost everything. Today, you can’t walk the streets of N.Y.C. or get on a subway train without seeing a pair of SK8-Hi’s (or two, or three..) worn with an oversized camo jackets, skinny jeans, palazzo pants or Stussy Stock T-shirt .

SK8-Hi shoes are highly embraced in street style. Our favorite street style models and fashion icons have provided outstanding outfit examples of how to wear this surprisingly uptown-cool shoe trend. Even Karla, blogger for Karla’s Closet, wore some killer all-white Sk8-Hi’s and made them look oh-so-chic!

Here is how this Fashionista wore her pair and created an effortlessly cool and comfortable style. A simple gray long sleeved turtleneck is perfect for fall’s damp and windy weather. Since the shoes are such a rich cherry red color, the gray turtleneck balance the outfit. Notice how this Fashionista kept everything else neutral in order for the shoes to be the outfit’s main focal point. Her cuffed jeans tightly fit around the waist but aren’t constricting as they loosen up along the knees, which provides some extra movement. A knee length dark gray bomber jacket is added for some more detail. Then, we see how the shoes take this outfit to another level. The savage red color adds so much personality and makes the entire look stand out. The shoes embody a somewhat old school style and tie everything together in a fun and bold way.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Everyone needs a pair of Sk8-His in their closet. Once they broke in, they became the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.”