This fall, high necklines are back in style. The most notable of these necklines is the turtleneck. On any scenic New England campus, you can spot a Prepster with an entire collection of these statement sweaters. Steve Jobs himself, the creator of the device you are probably reading this article from, was known for his staple black mock turtleneck sweater. However, this fall, turtlenecks are making their way back into women’s garments.

What really stood out to me with this Fashionista was the color of her sweater dress. As anyone that has ever taken a marketing class knows, the number one reason shoppers buy a garment is for the color. The second reason a consumer purchases a garment is for the fit, which I also love about this dress. The dress appears to be hitting the Fashionista in all the right places and is extremely flattering.

The best dresses cannot go without accessories, as this Fashionista knows. Her monogrammed bar necklace adds the perfect amount of glam without taking away from the focal point of the turtleneck. Additionally, her brown riding boots with knee-high socks peeking out of them are perfect for the fall. This outfit would just be another sweater dress without the accessorizing from this Fashionista!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Fall is the best season to try out some new styles. It is a time for change and a time to rediscover styles we once loved.”