We’re all familiar with the comfort vs. style struggle. This dilemma is made even more difficult by wanting to be comfortable for class but also show off your savvy style to your classmates. I’ve personally been known to sacrifice comfort for style more often than not. Some mornings however, sweatpants definitely win the fight. But why does it have to be a choice? Can comfort and style really come in the same outfit? This Fashionista proves that the days of sacrifice are far behind us!

Her super trendy patterned bell-bottoms are a great way to stay on trend while giving her all the relaxed comfort she could ever want. This ‘70s-inspired look could be easily adopted by anyone. It’s super flattering and gives the effect of long lean legs with a fun a flirty flared out hem. This would be a perfect look to pair with heels and a cute top for a casual Valentine’s date. Our Fashionista chose to wear her bell bottoms with a simple pair of cute and comfy purple flats that are perfect for walking around on campus. A classically chic gray top and cozy purple cardigan to wrap up in top of the look wonderfully. Her minimalistic cat necklace adds an adorable touch and her sleek watch adds a functional element while also giving the overall look a polished feel.

This Fashionista’s choice to pair her lovely patterned bell bottoms with simple pieces really allows the focus of her outfit to go straight to her funky pants—which is where the focus belongs after all! With how rad these pants are it would be a total shame for them to go unnoticed. Hopefully this daring Fashionista’s look inspires you to try a new comfy and chic trend. I know I’m totally on board! Let’s bring back the ‘70s!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dressing comfortable is so much better when it’s stylish at the same time. With these pants you get the perks of looking great and being comfortable all day which I love. It’s definitely the best of both worlds!”