STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Trendy Boots For Dancing In The Rain

It is always such a toss up of whether or not you should put in the effort to dress up on those cold and rainy days. Worrying about your hair getting soaked after blow drying it or ruining your new pair of suede booties can be a huge dilemma. This Fashionista shows us how it is possible to remain cute and trendy on rainy days!

Hunter Boots are all the rage these days. On rainy days, they flood every college campus (pun intended)! Though they have such a simple look, they can be dressed up or down with any outfit. You can wear any style shirt with them from a formal blouse to a casual sweater or even your favorite long sleeve T-shirt.

The most fun part about Hunter boots is that you can purchase Hunter socks to match or complete your outfit. Not only are these socks fashionable and trendy, they also keep your toes from feeling like they are freezing off! You can even substitute the Hunter boots and sock combination for snow boots.

This Fashionista pairs the white sweater-knit Hunter socks with a cozy, trendy rag & bone sweater. She keeps it comfy by throwing on her favorite pair of lululemon leggings. On a day when the elements don’t cooperate with your wardrobe, there are still ways to remain rain-resistant and fashionable. This simple outfit is the perfect example of how to look stylish and feel comfortable on a gloomy day.

So there’s no more need to worry about mother nature raining on your parade; with this style advice, you can take on the elements any day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Keep your socks funky.”