STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Trench-i-licious

With fall in full force and the weather behaving in an absolutely erratic manner, it can be beyond difficult to “dress the part.” Never fear Fashionistas, there is a simple solution to your pint-sized fashion predicament, the trench coat is your new best friend. You’re welcome.

Since the 1850s when Thomas Burberry created the first rendition of the iconic style, individuals from all walks of life have enjoyed wearing the season transitioning coat. Not only has history proven that the trench will never go out of style, but it is also appropriate attire for a variety of occasions. A trench coat can be worn for events like brunch with the family to a date with your special someone.

All is magnificent and transparent when it comes to the basic silhouette of a trench coat. However, life is never that simple. Now that I have introduced you to your best friend, the difficult life decision comes into play. Which trench coat is the best representation of your style? A question that is a lot harder to answer than it may seem considering there are hundreds of renditions of this style: leather, lace, animal print, cropped—the list goes on and on.

This Fashionista quite clearly has found the perfect version of the coat for herself. If you have never owned a trench before I would highly recommend following her example. She has chosen a basic silhouette in a flattering shade of beige. Pairing it with a cranberry red textured crop top and a pair of high-waisted leather leggings this Fashionista sure knows how to dress for success. On her feet she is wearing an adorable pair of black ankle booties with simple studded detailing. To complete her look she wore a simple necklace and Daniel Wellington watch. It goes without saying that the trench coat is a crowd pleaser, so do yourself a favor and add one to your fabulous wardrobe.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “If you gravitate toward a certain item in your closet one day, wear it. If that means you want to wear a skirt when it’s raining, do it. If you’re wearing all black, rock it. For me? Pink lipstick over red lipstick, trenches over hoodies, purses over backpacks. Dress for the life you want- whether it be classy, comfy or casual. Be confident knowing who you are and your personal style will follow. Every day will be different, have fun with it.”