STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Transitioning The Trends

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Transitioning The Trends

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionistos! As the first month of school is already in full swing, I’m seeing lots of fashionable students walking around my university already this semester. During the month of September, it can be especially hard to dress with trends in mind because of the weird weather that we have here in the Midwest.

Sometimes when I’m walking to class, I’m sweltering in heat that feels reminiscent of the middle of summer. Other days, I’m absolutely freezing and I have to grab the sweater out of the car where I keep one for instances when I might need it. Yet on other days, I’m sopping wet because there happened to be a downpour that started out of the blue on one of my walks to class.

With that being said, how is one expected to dress in September when you really have no idea how the weather might treat you on any given day? Well, when I spotted this Fashionisto, I loved the way he rocked this look and I knew I needed to document it.

With a button down shirt perfect for the chillier fall months combined with a pair of olive green shorts, he was ready to start the day on a good note. Not only is this the perfect look for class, but it’s also a great look for Fashionistos who have a big day of meetings, classes and dinner with friends ahead of them. It’s always the best feeling when you can face the day wearing an outfit that you are confident in. After adding a pair of slip-on shoes and a rad watch, this Fashionisto’s look was complete.

A key piece of advice to keep in mind during the upcoming days of questionable weather before we can really call it fall is that you can rock some of the coolest looks when you pull pieces from both summer and fall from your wardrobe and mix them together!