October 8th, 2015 at 2:05am

My once empty living room now contains one ceramic dog, an inflatable dolphin and an antique wooden table. My once empty apartment is now home to a sink full of dishes, window frames full of colossal spiders, a foyer overflowing with shoes and a round kitchen table where my favorite candle from Anthropologie illegally burns (sorry ResLife!).

A closet is something that differentiates from person to person, just like an apartment. Similar to my apartment, I tend to keep my closet slightly disorganized, random, yet completely me. As odd as it sounds comparing my closet to my apartment, they are really one in the same. What lacks in my own home, oftentimes lacks in my closet, the home for my erhm…clothes. Heh. Weird enough as it is to compare an apartment to a closet—and I guess myself to my clothes—for some reason it completely makes sense to me for I feel that if your home and closet don’t portray who you are, then who are you truly trying to be?

In my search for cold weather garb I found this chill looking Fashionista walking down the alley behind my building. Decked in a sherpa fabric lined jacket and curb stomping UNIF boots, this Fashionista looked both bundled up and pretty damn fierce if I don’t say so myself. My favorite part about her look is the wide variety of textures she flaunts.  Beneath her boho-like jacket, she had on a lacey bralette and a mini, black velvet overall dress.  With this she paired a vintage black and gold ring with a silver scorpion ring to make this look completely unique.

See, when I see someone dressed in a look that inspires me I always think about what their closet must look like for them to be able to pull a fascinating look together.  It makes me feel like a kid again when all you wanted to do was to see your friends rooms, except in my semi-adult life I wanna see your closet.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Wear what your heart desires!”