This winter season has definitely been affecting New Yorkers’ sense of fashion. The harsh wind chills and dry air make it hard to rock out a sense of fashion without wanting to bundle up in thousands of layers of random clothing. Color is also affected by this cold season; many people play it safe by wearing black clothing because that is what most winter apparel consists of. This Fashionista, however, rocks it out by being both colorful and showcasing her sense of style.

This Fashionista rocks a tomboy look; she wears a red leather jacket, which might not seem like the best option for this cold air, but is actually thick enough to handle the winter weather. This coat stands out against the sea of black jackets that most people go for, which makes it a great way to look edgy and stand out from the crowd. This Fashionista also wore a pair of army-like pants to make her look even more hardcore. The pants show off the same hint of red to keep the outfit stylishly balanced. The pants are also baggy to give her legs room to move and contain much the needed heat in the winter breeze. She completes her look with black Comme de Garçon Converse shoes for comfortability. The shoes also tend to the red hues that is highlighted in this Fashionista’s outfit with the classic Comme de Garçon heart. This outfit offers comfort, edge and style that makes it perfect for a chilly, winter day.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My main idea is to not lose yourself trying to be comfortable. You can still feel warm and cozy with the right clothes that show off your personality. Even the littlest things, like a small design on a sneaker, helps.”