With fall in full effect, many styles and trends have been going through inescapable seasonal changes. Shorts and flip flops turn into boots and sweaters. A common fall favorite: vests. I’m pretty sure most people own a vest of some sort, if not, you’re definitely considered buying one. Whichever category you fall into, I’m sure you have found yourself asking, “What would I even wear this with? Or how do I wear this?”

This Fashionista decided to rock a solid black tank top and a pair of light-wash denim jeans, basic staples for every wardrobe. To make sure the outfit would fit into the season, she added a pair of chocolate colored booties with crew socks. To finish the look, she chose to wear a gray fur vest. Vests, in general, are typically a transition piece for summer to fall fashion. Usually, people go from wearing a vest with a tank top to adding a sweater underneath. The reason that this outfit is unique is that fur is a fabric mostly worn in the fall and winter months. You start seeing it on boots, jackets, scarfs etc. Sometimes it is not any easy look to pull off. It could turn out bulky or just seem like way too much fabric. The thing that I love about this outfit is that she paired it with a sleeveless tank top, almost immediately getting rid of any possibility of bulkiness.

The look remains casual because of the simplicity of denim and a solid colored shirt, but she adds a hint of chic by having the boots compliment the vest.

What is YOUR STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “One thing that is important to remember is that style is personal. It’s about what you want people to see and know about you.”