As a native Floridian, I approach the winter holiday season a little differently than a majority of the country. Instead of shoveling snow off my driveway or snuggling up next to a bonfire, I spend most of my time lounging under the Christmas light-adorned palm trees in my backyard and getting much-needed doses of heliotherapy.

The lack of true winter weather in Florida equates to my severe lack of a winter wardrobe. I have a plethora of shorts, dresses and skirts for the sweat-inducing temperatures that stick around for just about 49 out of 52 weeks of the year, but for the three weeks of colder temperatures (and by colder, I mean in the 40s and 50s), I’m pretty much at a loss for what to wear.

One chilly Wednesday morning, I spotted this chic Fashionista on campus sporting a green skater dress with tights. Her outfit demonstrated that you don’t have to stow away your dresses during the winter, as long as you have a trusty pair of opaque tights to protect your legs. This look demonstrates the ideal way to dress for colder mornings in Florida, because layers are the name of the game. Her black sweater could be removed if the afternoon temperatures rose above 70 degrees, as they usually do. No other shoe pairs with tights quite like heeled ankle booties, so kudos to this Fashionista for killin’ the shoe game.

 What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “My style advice is to wear what makes you feel happy and beautiful, whether that’s a T-shirt and yoga pants or a dress and heels. This outfit makes me feel beautiful and comfortable, so it’s a win-win!”