Ah, jean season. With classes almost in session, jeans are without a doubt the most popular article of clothing stacked in every college girl’s closet. Why wouldn’t they be? After all, they go with practically any color or style shirt and they are so irresistibly comfortable that it can be hard to take them off at the end of the day.

This level of comfort deserves a piece of your personal style. Who said jeans had to be blue anyway? Try the colored jean! Wearing colored jeans is becoming a popular fashion trend, not only because it adds color to the outfit but also because it is so different from the normal blue jeans everyone is used to wearing. The colored jean can be worn with a variety of different color tops as well, which allows for complete creativity when composing an outfit. Whether it is worn in a bootcut style, straight-legged or as a jegging, the colored jean fits perfectly in any college girl’s wardrobe.

Be beautifully bright in your colored jeans, as our Fashionista demonstrates here! Her skinny lime green-colored jeans are like a touch of sunshine on a cloudy day, as they make a loud statement in her outfit. Her wide striped shirt, featured here in blue and white, mixes a few more colors into the overall look. Of course, adding some stripes is always a fun choice. The light knit material of the shirt is perfect for a moderately warm day, a perfect summer to fall transitional piece.

Our Fashionista here adds touches of elegance to her outfit with gray Sperry Top-Siders, a fun flower statement necklace and a rose gold strap watch. The Sperry Top-Siders are very desirable for tons of walking all day long, and the gray color adds yet another color to her ensemble. Her statement necklace accessorizes her outfit enough so that she doesn’t even need any more pieces of jewelry! Her watch not only comes in handy to keep track of the time in between classes, but it also contributes to the overall preppy look this Fashionista strives for.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Pastels are in, and that is what makes colored jeans an essential part of a trendy outfit. I love my colored jeans because they are flashy and in style!”