January 15th, 2016 at 2:00am

There’s one thing that I’m sure of. A suit makes every situation better. When a guy wears one, it’s as if the environment you’re in turns from casual to classy in a snap of a finger. Need to attend a wedding? Wear a suit. Going to an interview? Wear a suit. Going for a light jog? Wear a suit. Fighting a jaguar in a jacuzzi? Wear a suit.

This Fashionisto knows how to strut his stuff, because a suit automatically gives you confidence and cool points that can’t be achieved in any other outfit. Especially when the suit is tailored to fit, the crisp and clean feeling is fulfilled. If your pants and jacket are hanging on you, five cool points get unavoidably deducted from your total. His shoes match nicely with the grays of his pants, and his tie is a flawless pairing with his shirt and jacket. Light pastel colors are perfect for brightening up the outfit. Purples and pinks are encouraged with button-ups, which should be exciting news for the men reading this, because they have been obviously dying to pull those colors off. Cue the sassy chick snapping her fingers in a “Z formation.”

Now I can not stress this enough. The tie clip is a necessity to every tie. Have you ever seen a hot man in a movie without one? No. Because ties are not meant to flow around without boundaries. They are meant to be put in their place, which is laying perfectly on the buttons going down a shirt. It is the difference between the guy you take advantage of at the bar to buy you your first drink, and Ryan Gosling.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Dress for comfort first, then fashion follows.”