STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Throwback Thursday

It seems as if this season’s ’70s revival has arrived and every day is a throwback Thursday to flares, fringe and those good ‘ole denim skirts. This movement back in time to the ’70s is bound to be around for a while, so it’s time to start investing in fashion’s groovy past.

This trend has popped up in nearly every contemporary runway show and city. But the key to making this look work is to style your outfit without looking like you just came out of That ‘70s Show. This can be a very tricky task, but with the right accessories and a modern mind, anything is possible! A subtle approach to this era could be a denim skirt mixed with a crop top or, for another look, a pair of flared jeans with a slouchy sweater. The modern twists, new style influences and fresh color combos set apart the past and the present. After all, fashion does repeat itself.

This Fashionista was all smiles as she showed off her modern tweak to an all time classic. She paired her timeless jean skirt with an everyday solid black turtleneck, statement necklace and a pair of wooden block heels. This casual, yet trendy, look is perfect for dressing up this once fifth grade outfit–minus the heels of course.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I never thought I would own another jean skirt after fifth grade, but it’s nice to feel like a kid again sometimes. It’s crazy to think that a certain style could come full circle and I love the look and how different it is now versus back when I was younger.”