Have you ever looked at someones outfit and thought, “where in the world did they find all those pieces?” I’m constantly see people on campus wearing funky T-shirts or skirts that I’ve yet to find in my favorite stores (or on my Instagram feed). Their outfits look like they’ve come straight out of a different decade. Chances are, their outfits are entirely thrifted! These people are my walking inspirations. I truly believe that new trends stem from those that thrift!

Finding this Fashionista on campus I knew her outfit had to be thrifted… Her skirt definitely couldn’t be found across the street at Urban Outfitters. I love how she paired a simple black crop top with a long printed skirt and a pair of old-school heeled (obviously thrifted) Chelsea booties with socks peeking out. The look works for class, work or a day out with friends. I especially love the simplicity in her accessories, it really pulls the entire outfit together.

One thing she recommends to anyone who wants to get into thrifting, “make a mini business out of it!” Take an hour or two to really scrounge your local Goodwill or second-hand shop. Find a bunch of unique pieces, even if you don’t think you’re going to wear them all. After a month or so, decide what you’re into and sell the rest on a secondhand shop like Depop!

My advice to anyone that wants to create a thrifted wardrobe? Patience! You won’t always find the *perfect* pair of 501 Levi’s or the perfectly scuffed pair of boots. Stand out pieces will find you. You’ll either spend hours sifting through racks at 3 different stores or you’ll walk into the store and find an amazing piece at first pull! Either way, don’t give up.

If you’re not into spending hours and hours running from store to store, search the internet for the perfect vintage pieces. Many well known thrift stores now have online retailers or many people on sites like Depop are often selling vintage pieces at decent prices! There’s still nothing like the feeling of finding the perfect jeans or perfect jacket so I definitely recommend taking a shot at your local Goodwill or second-hand shop. Happy thrifting, Style Gurus!