I always admired all those people who walk into a Goodwill and leave with some amazing finds. Every time I head to a consignment store with high hopes of finding the best vintage piece, I come out empty handed and confused. Despite all my fails, I’ll continue to look for some second-hand goodies, so one day I can be dressed as well as this Fashionista!

This Fashionista’s vintage look is unique, fun and tough. The eye candy of her entire outfit is that red, white and blue jacket. This oversized ’90s jacket is such a fun statement piece, that can be worn on so many occasions. Forget the haters and wear it to class, while running errands, on a night out or even on a date.

To re-create this Fashionista’s look, pair this jacket with high-waisted mom jeans and a black turtleneck crop top. White Nike sneakers, sunglasses and a blue bandana tied around your neck will ensure you are standing out from the crowd as the fearless trendsetter.

Looking for more ideas to pair a similar jacket with? May I suggest wearing a simple little black dress. Pair it with sneakers, flats or even heels depending on how fancy are you feeling on that particular day.  Don’t forget you’re favorite sunglasses and some accessories. Simple rings and/or studs should be the perfect way to finish your look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You don’t need a ton of money in the bank to create a killer look!”