October is known for being Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a lot of people are seen wearing pink items throughout the month whether it be a little accessory or a full outfit. At Florida State University one of the ways we promoted Breast Cancer Awareness Month was by “Pinking Out” the Union at Union Wednesday where are all the university organizations table and promote their organization and current events. This Union Wednesday I spotted the Fashionista pictured above rocking her pink in a unique way. A lot of people dress up for Union Wednesday and I usually spot some great Fashionistas on Wednesday’s but this one stood out to me even in the sea of pink that day.

I found that this Fashionista did a great job at incorporating her own personal style, the fall fashion and her pink. She is rocking a pastel pink bomber jacket and underneath a pastel purple turtleneck. She paired this with white distressed denim jeans and pastel pink slip-on skate shoes. I loved the way the colors she had complemented each other and the whole outfit worked so well together. That is what really stood out to me. I liked that she kept her accessories light since the matching pink shoes and jacket were the true stars of the outfit. I also liked her sunglasses that worked well with the outfit while outside.

Here is how you can get a similar look yourself! This pastel pink jacket from Fashion Nova will definitely come in handy in the future in the fall months and going forward into the chillier months. You can pair it with these white distressed denim jeans from Forever 21. Top the look off with these light pink slip-on skater shoes from Steve Madden. You can always take one of these items you like the most and make it your own and add it to your own outfit. Dress it down or dress it up. All of these pieces will look good through out the fall season not just for Breast Cancer Awareness.