STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: These Boots Are Made For Styling

January 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

There will never be a winter where boots are not in style. They’re timeless, cute and, not to mention, practical. There is no doubt that you need them to face a cold Pittsburgh winter! One of the biggest shoe trends this past fall and winter is the over-the-knee boot, which is a sexier take on your traditional riding boot. They can be worn with anything from a mini dress with a thick winter coat, to your trusty oversized sweater and favorite pair of leggings, which makes them extremely versatile. And, if you aren’t feeling the over-the-knee style for your outfit of the day, you can fold the flap down over the front of the boot for a more casual look.

Any practical girl’s winter wardrobe revolves around a few things; a killer pair of boots, some funky jewelry and her favorite comfy yet chic sweaters. You know which ones I’m talking about, the sweaters that makes you look so much more time into your outfit than you actually did without sacrificing warmth! Layering can also be a sneaky way to transition some of your favorite summer tops for cold weather. I love how this Fashionista layered a multi-colored sweater over a cozy V-neck henley. By keeping the jewelry fairly neutral and limiting it to a few midi rings, the boots serve as the standout accessory for the outfit. Having two completely different textures, the furry knit sweater jacket with the sleek leather boots, makes the boots really contrast and pop, which is exactly what they were designed to do!

College girls know that one of the keys to surviving a harsh winter is to find a sturdy yet fashion-forward pair of boots that can brave the cold weather without looking too bulky or industrial. They usually can last you a few seasons, which makes them a great investment piece. They’re definitely a winter wardrobe staple, and over-the-knee boots are slowly reaching that status! You can find them in a variety of styles too; leather or suede, with a high heel or not!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Pairing a comfy outfit with some nice boots can change the entire look of the outfit! It not only makes it more presentable, but also makes you look like you spent way more time getting ready than you did!”