Finding covetable items from a thrift store has pretty much been the goal of everyone since the beginning of time. I would say thrift shopping has gone in and out of being a part of popular fashion culture throughout the years, and ever since Macklemore’s song, everyone’s trying to get in on it. Now, that doesn’t mean everyone is good at it—it takes a good eye, a seasoned thrift shopper, to be able to sift through the duds to find the awesome items. We all know a friend that has gone thrift shopping, is wearing their “cool find,” and just looks awkward in an ill-fitting never-was-in-style shirt or jacket. It’s sad, but true (sorry to those friends—we still love you). However, this Fashionisto is not one of those people—he knows what he’s doing.

When I first saw his outfit, I had an inkling that his shirt might’ve been something vintage. I was correct and super jealous. I wanted to be wearing his outfit—he’s got that perfectly-undone-yet-still-put-together-look nailed. If you’re into fashion at all, one main goal is to look as though you’re crazy cool with zero effort. To put it in the common vernacular, we all want to look as though we “woke up like this.” On top of his flawless execution of this style, his outfit consists of a denim piece (the coolest collar-less button-up I’ve ever seen) and a black piece—he’s a man after my own heart. What he did to finish off the outfit that I particularly liked is putting his socks on display by rolling the jeans and adding a beanie of a similar salt-and-pepper style.

All of you who are avid vintage/thrift shoppers—keep it up. And those of you who aren’t old pros at it, give it another go. It’s all about discrimination—just because it’s old doesn’t make it cool. It can be a time-consuming task/hobby, but the great finds make it worth it.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Buy everything secondhand.”