One thing all people know about London, England, if all else fails, is that the city is notorious for its gloomy weather. Upon exiting their flat during the fall and winter seasons, a Londoner will be most likely be welcomed into the outdoors with a gust of cold wind, gray clouds that lay across the sky like a blanket and the promise of raindrops. Rather than allowing this to hinder her style, a Fashionista ceases the opportunity to bring out the British style staple known as the trench coat.

The trench coat is as British as the T-shirt is American. Londoners all around can be seen sporting one, from the classic beige Victorian era model that originated from Burberry to funky patterned ones. This type of outerwear is by nature flattering and warm, thus totally wearable. The options are endless and the outfits that emerge from them, absolutely inspiring.

There are many ways to style a trench coat. You can wear trench coats with a dress and tights for a more feminine look or trousers for a business casual approach. This Fashionista opted for a black trench coat with silver outlines buttons and an adorable bow. I love how she paired it with black pants and accessories like her pointy black ankle boots; Head to toe black is the ultimate sign of chic and a prime London look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “As Christmas is getting closer, I find myself growing colder. So, I bundle up in my warmest winter wear.”