As we transition from fall into winter, the layer game is starting strong.  No longer can we wear skirts by themselves and get away with it.  I’m totally okay with this though, because this leads to creative styling of layers!

One particular layering trend that has been hitting the runways this fall is tights! Tights are an excellent way to add warmth as well as style to a look. This Fashionista is wearing burgundy tights with her look, which in my opinion, stand out beautifully and make the outfit more interesting. The tights balance the bright blue top with just enough contrast that your eye doesn’t get stuck on one element of the outfit.  Her tights also act as a connector between her black floral mini skirt and her black slip-on shoes.  They even help distinguish the darker colors on the bottom half of the outfit from the brighter and lighter colors on the top half. Now that’s a unique component of this look!

I think tights have been big this season because they are so versatile! You can layer them, and wear them with almost anything.  It’s the perfect way to add excitement, color and “pizazz!” I definitely live the tight life all times of the year. Tights are feminine and fun. The only downside is the sad day that you find a snag, but there’s always nail polish to the rescue!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Don’t be afraid to pair unexpected pieces together in one outfit. It will turn out better than you think!”