STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Shoe Connoisseur

You have seen them in black, white and sometimes colored too bright. When you were younger they had lights and wheels yet now in college you only want the deals. Constantly evolving and on rare occasions, repeating, sneakers have made their mark in the many eras of fashion. Coming in various brands, colors, forms and even textures, sneakers are a trend that must be kept up with. So how does one keep up?

When thinking of this trend, I always refer back to sneakers impact on the hip hop community. Nelly made an entire song about them, which lead to the rise of the all white Nike Air Force 1s. Kanye West has set the tone of monochromatic outfits with pops of color arising from his shoes. Just like any shoe, sneakers have a way of making or breaking an outfit. But with such a variety, from low-top Converse All-Stars, colorful Nike Foamposites, high-top Vans, or even a classic pair of Keds, the key to rocking the perfect sneaker look is to keep the clothes simple and let the shoe shine.

Check out this Fashionisto’s look on the way he dressed up his Air Jordan 7s. A simple concept of denim on denim, using a cuffed button-up and a pair of distressed denim shorts allowed his sneakers to be the eye catcher in his summer ensemble. The outfit is perfect for class and can also be worn to grab a quick bite to eat after class with friends. With a pencil behind his ear and notebooks in hand, this Fashionisto has perfectly captured the sneaker look.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I try to keep up with the sneaker trend as much as I can, but being that it is so popular I make sure to always put my own twist into my outfits to keep myself standing out from the rest.”