Fashionistos on FSU’s campus are far from rarities and neither are the tailored joggers they’re likely to be spotted in on the way to class. When it comes to streetwear and fashion, there’s always a trend that’s been inspired by an outside influence. These athletic-inspired pants were originally branded by adidas for soccer players worldwide, but thankfully, nothing stays exclusive for long. The stretchy, spandex material has now been transformed into twill chinos, khakis, denim and my personal favorite corduroy.

The sweatpants trend for girls and guys, especially, is at an all time high and it’s obvious us college kids are not complaining. For someone who’s forever gawking at menswear, it always makes my heart smile to see the trend take on a new persona with every outfit. This stylish, fellow H&M connoisseur, kept his style casual and comfortable with his khaki joggers and a simple, V-neck sweater.

Adding a cool pair of moccasins and a killer pair of shades to his look was this Fashionisto’s way of making the joggers a statement of his own. For guys across the world with a pair of these popular bottoms the possibilities are endless. For a more polished look, a denim or oxford button-up rolled mid-sleeve and tucked in just right with a laced loafer or your latest favorite sneaker is an easy way to look cleaned up or even date-ready.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I think it’s important not to just buy certain things because of the trend. I’d seen them (joggers) around but when I tried them on, I fell in love and knew I could style them differently than the next guy. Add your own twist.”