When I think of a “classic” look, what comes to mind is something black and white with black heels and some pearl accessories. Classic looks such as these can be appropriate for a variety of occasions, whether it be an interview, a formal event or a night out. With this kind of classic style being so simple to accomplish, however, it can be easy to blend in with a sea of black, white, heels and pearls. New spins on a classic look can allow you to stand out from the crowd. This Fashionista shakes it up with her edgy take on a timeless style.

The element of this Fashionista’s outfit that really caught my eye first was her amazing polka-dotted bubble skirt. Polka-dots have been an uncommon print recently, and she really stood out by wearing a full skirt in such an eye-catching pattern. The print and silhouette of the skirt made for a very fun look. This Fashionista also was not afraid to blend textures, ultimately creating an edgy, interesting style. She kept her top simple and black to contrast the popping pattern of the skirt, but lace detailing created yet another element that was eye-catching.

Use of accessories is also immensely important while trying to create a new classic look. The Fashionista chose chunky pearl earrings, which stand out thanks to her braided hairstyle tucked behind the ear. The pearls are large and have a vintage look, making them edgy enough to stand out. A few interesting pieces of jewelry, like a spoon bracelet and detailed rings, are stacked on, yet not overdone. This Fashionista took a fashion risk by blending both gold and silver jewelry, but it worked out perfectly. Lastly, she rocks a pair of chunky black heels to add even more of an edge to her fun style. Overall, she really shows how one can create their own take on a timeless style to create a look that is one-of-a-kind.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “You can never go wrong with all-black and some chunky heels!”