Say goodbye to the mini skirt and say hello to the midi skirt—the new trend for fall! The midi is a classic, vintage-inspired piece that everyone should have in their closet because of its versatility. It can be dressed up or down and used for any occasion. These skirts have been hitting the runway for a few years now and particularly this season, everyone seems to be drawn to the in-between midi length.

I’ve been seeing this trend pop up everywhere this season (especially on Pinterest) and it is incredible to see the different ways that this skirt can be used. You may be thinking—how do I create an outfit with a midi skirt if I’ve never worn one before? Well, here are some style ideas! If you pair a midi skirt with some nude pumps and a simple striped shirt like this Fashionista did for this look, it will give it more of a classic Audrey Hepburn-esque feel and you will be ready to go. If you want to make it more of a laid back style, pair a black midi skirt (like the one this Fashionista is rocking) with a graphic T-shirt and some white Converse and you just made a completely different outfit around one skirt.

I feel like it is virtually impossible for a look to go wrong with a midi skirt because it is such a beautiful and unique piece to work with in your wardrobe! Remember, if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, that’s all that matters!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The reason why I love midi skirts is because they are comfortable and great for tall people. I can easily wear heels with them and not feel like my skirt is too short. It’s a great piece for everyone to own.”