STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Little Gucci Dress

August 26th, 2015 at 2:00am

These last few weeks of August feel like a marathon, though an enjoyable one as we stubbornly resist the arrival of Labor Day weekend. This holiday for us students will never be quite as thrilling as Independence Day due to the fact that it’s too closely related to heading back to school. Despite the end of summer blues, we still try to look and feel ourselves to ring in the new school year put together and confident. In order to spice up our lives, us Fashionistas/os of the world are constantly reviving classic staples and personalizing them to make a new and refreshing statement. Victoria Beckham and the rest of the Spice Girls were obviously the inspiration for the title of my article (epic Spice World moment). This look portrayed the same vibes that Posh Spice did then and continues to today. Her LBD was an excellent choice for a dreadfully hot summer night on Park Ave. It was lightweight but still form fitting and fashionable.

Although you might be thinking that you don’t have anywhere fancy enough to go with this look, this is actually the ultimate piece to ensure you’re never over or underdressed. Karl Lagerfeld approved, this ensemble was put together for a night of dinner and drinks after work with friends. This Fashionista was able to easily transition her work attire with a few swaps and fixings that were both casual and comfortable. Having had her hair in a braid all day she was able to let it down and rock the loose waves she’d created—flawless without any fuss. Her beauty routine was equally as simple. We all know how heavy makeup in general can feel in the stagnant summer heat and humidity. Somedays we need to be able to ditch it without remorse and let our beautiful, natural skin breathe! On that note, she went for clean black liner on the upper lid, mascara, moisturizer and SPF. These are essentials for a natural, airy look after the four o’clock hour.

So what is the timeless, quick and painless route to instant style? A little black dress. Whether you’re looking for attire for a sophisticated dinner party or for a concert, there’s an LBD to be worn. The accessory choices are endless, and they’re easy outfit details to pair on the fly according to your schedule. You can go for classic or statement jewelry, a hot pair of shoes (flats, heels or even sneakers), the most functional handbag to match and voila! Her look featured black and gold House of Harlow studs and leather embellished wrist wear, trendy sunnies and a killer brown leather tote.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “An LBD is a must-have for any woman. It will make you feel confident, stylish and ready for anything time and time again.”