September 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

It is with a heavy heart that I admit that summer has officially come to an end. Time to trade out shopping for new bathing suits for buying overpriced textbooks. It may be a new school year, but there are always old habits. On any campus as hot as the ones in Florida, those habits consist of only wearing oversized T-shirts and running shorts all day every day. This trend of the XL T-shirts on an XS girl seems to be everywhere because lets face it, the walking miles on end across campus is bad enough without having to deal with chub chafe because you decided to be cute and wear a dress. Trust me, I get it.

That is why this Fashionista is killing the game by adding her own twist to this “sorority girl” trend. Instead of throwing on a pair of running shorts, she opted for a pair of high-wasted, floral shorts to brighten up the look while still keeping it comfy. She is still repping her sorority with her favorite baggy tank but tucked it in to make the look a little more put together rather than just-rolled-out-of-bed. To top it off, she threw on a thin, denim button-down. Lastly, she chose a pair of sandals with a little bling to add a little something extra before heading out to take on the back to school blues.

My personal favorite part of this Fashionista’s look is that she put together a cute outfit without compromising convenience or comfort. No, you do not have to wake up an hour early to look good for your morning class. This lovely Fashionista kept her glasses on, let her hair down and kept jewelry and makeup simple. All she did was make simple changes that all added up to make a noticeable confidence in herself.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I would definitely say to dress for yourself. Like when you’re putting outfits together or wondering what to wear, don’t worry about what others will think or say. As long as you’re comfortable and you think it’s cute!”