This season has been uncharacteristically warm compared to the usual Indiana weather and because of this clothing that is often reserved for the fall has been able to stick around much longer. Instead of huge coats and other cold weather gear, this Fashionisto is able to layer up and turn winter weather into sweater weather.

This Fashionisto wears a lighter gray sweater over a pink button-down shirt to give his outfit a put-together, streamlined finish. He pairs these pieces with straight-leg khaki pants and light Clarks desert boots to contrast the dark sweater. Finally, he adds a gold watch and a black peacoat to complete his look to keep him warm and on time around campus. A peacoat is a wonderful staple piece for winter because it helps make any outfit look city-chic and like you are ready for a long day of productivity.

The sweater is a very versatile article of clothing because the Fashionisto can wear it layered as he does today, or on its own. This outfit is perfect for a casual day around campus, yet still looks finished and like you put in some effort before rushing to class. Additionally, gray goes with everything so you can pair this sweater with many different pants.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “It’s nice to have multiple pieces that you can mix and match, creating new outfits out of a few different articles of clothing. Layers are also a great way to wear clothes that might typically not work out for winter.”