With the weather cooling down, all the leaves changing to gorgeous colors and Starbucks’ famous Pumpkin Spice Latte being back, it can only mean one thing. Fall has officially arrived!

There’s so many things to look forward to with fall; for example, Halloween, hay rides, fall foods and pumpkin patches. Another aspect of fall that a lot of people look forward to is fall clothing. Fall is the time we can finally bring out our boots, hats, scarves and a favorite of many: sweaters.

Sweaters are one of the biggest trends of the fall season pretty much every year, but they only continue to gain popularity.

Almost every clothing store you go into these days sells sweaters of all different variety, making this trend very accessible to everyone. You can find them in a large amount of colors, shapes and sizes.

With everyone starting to wear sweaters now that fall has arrived, how can you truly stand out from the crowd like the Fashionista/o you are? This Fashionista shows you how to spice up your sweater and stand out among the rest.

She could have taken the easy route and chose to wear leggings and a tank top with her cardigan sweater. However, she knew that was too simple and dull. Instead, she chose to include a floral romper with the look to add some color and personality. With the weather being too cold for bare legs, she added some black tights that work well with her outfit.

She completed the look with some Franco Sarto booties. Booties are another trend that is exploding this season. You’ll definitely want to get your hands on some. Lastly, her earrings add some flare to the look, and the color matches perfectly with the rest of the outfit.

This Fashionista took a typical cardigan sweater and made it completely her own. She’ll stand out among all the other girls wearing sweaters this fall, and will look great doing so. Don’t be afraid to spruce up a simple, common look and give it some personality; you never know what you will create.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Be open to finding clothes anywhere; I’ve found some of my favorite sweaters at thrift stores! I like to wear all kinds of different sweaters once the weather gets cooler, and styling them in different ways is always fun. You can layer cardigans over dresses and rompers with tights, or a pair a turtleneck with skinny jeans and boots. Wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and happy!”