A gift that is massively under appreciated is that of the sock. As a kid it’s the dreaded present that so many looked at as a subpar replacement for a video game or doll. Now as college students we are giddy when any basic clothing item is gifted to us. Usually these socks are white or if you’re lucky they’ll have a stripe or two on them for a pop of color. But what if socks were used in outfits the way jewelry was? What if they were used as points of interest? That’s exactly what this week’s Fashionisto decided to do.

I spotted him sitting down and was instantly drawn to his socks peeking from underneath his jeans. That may sound odd but it’s not all that often that patterned socks, let alone socks with Pembroke Welsh Corgis on them, are worn. The socks aren’t the only great part of this outfit though. With a thick striped shirt that’s broken into different colors and directions he creates a juxtaposition that draws in the eyes. With the added plaid in his jacket he’s got a great mix of patterns which never fail to draw attention to the wearer. All in all this outfit is a demure statement that fits so well into college life without being overwhelming but while still maintaining the integrity of a swanky look. Plus, socks are one of the easiest accessories to obtain and can reflect a feeling, a passion or even a loyal pet if that’s your fancy.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “Socks are my favorite part about my wardrobe. No matter what you’re wearing, make sure that your socks stand out and make people look. The more obnoxious, the better.”