We all remember when the plaid shorts trend became extremely popular. It started in the summer months and continued on for quite some time. The main draw to plaid shorts was the bright summer feeling they gave to an entire outfit. Normally, the colors were light and airy and the plaid pattern really got people in the buying frenzy. Well, we have finally moved positions and focused on solid colored shorts for the summer. The pastel shorts trend has taken a huge leap this year and has been shown throughout Fashionista’s and Fashionisto’s styles.

When thinking of this trend, I think about the versatility of a solid pastel short. First of all, pairing solid colored shorts is incredibly easy. Secondly, the light colors are perfect for summer and really bring a different look instead of ordinary jeans or khakis. The shorts bring a lighter feel to the heat of a summer day. Pastels can be worn in a variety of ways, not just in shorts. Pastel shoes, shirts, dresses and many more are available to style.

So how does one rock a pastel colored short in particular? This Fashionisto decided to pair light pink pastel shorts with a simpler gray top. The detailing of the pocket and sleeves also brings a pop of color without becoming too overwhelming. The neutral brown shoes tie the entire outfit together for a perfect summer look. Who says guys can’t rock pastel?

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “I really enjoy pairing the pastel shorts because they’re different and provide a mix up from the style I normally go for.”