Let’s take ourselves back to the roaring ’20s when men wore suits on a daily basis. They had closets full of them in every style, color, and material. From The Great Gatsby to Boardwalk Empire and Downton Abbey, men’s fashion in the ’20s was that which could never be matched. A normal Saturday brunch included a suit and a Manhattan to drink. However, today’s typical Saturday now consists of football jerseys and cargo shorts. It’s very sad for us Fashionistas when men in suits are one of our favorite sights to see. It was only in the hit show How I Met Your Mother when Barney was never seen not in a suit. Then, I spotted this Fashionisto and actually gained hope again. 1920s men’s fashion is making a comeback not only on the runways and Rodeo Drive, but also right here in Tampa, Florida.

Suiting up does not necessarily mean a black suit, patent leather shoes and a bowtie. This Fashionisto went with a navy suit that looks as though it was custom made for him. As we enter spring, this blue is one that will transition well from winter.

What suiting up does entail is some effort in all aspects of the ensemble. You have to be willing to put 110 percent into each outfit. It is smartest to shop ahead. Even if you do not have anything on the agenda, you should always have at least one suit combination in your closet that you can put on in a dash. You never want to rush an outfit, especially one as beautiful as this Ted Baker suit. Having a planned ensemble in your closet is key for last minute invites.

In order to seal the deal, shoes and accessories are clutch. This Fashionisto’s dress loafers from ALDO tie the navy and white together and perfectly matching his belt, creating an haute couture look for any day or night. This might be news to some, but your watch does not need to be encrusted in diamonds or be able to tell you what the temperature is in Copenhagen. It needs to complement your lifestyle. This means you don’t want to wear a watch you would wear to a black tie event when you are hiking a mountain. For this ensemble, the Fashionisto’s silver oversized watch is super in sync with his régime. Leather straps are one of my favorite trends this season and this Skagen one is definitely on the top of my list.

A suit screams confidence and elegance, so search for your inner Gatsby and suit up Fashionistos!

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? “The biggest thing I make sure of is to press my suits and shirts. There’s nothing worse than a wrinkly suit.”